KJB’s Technical Advisory Services allow your organisation to utilise the accumulated knowledge of current and future technology of our proven and successful technology leaders. Years of pragmatic and practical application of information, systems and processes are available to clients looking to break into new markets or develop new service models.
• Access to the latest technology research
We work closely with technology research companies such as Bloor Research who provide an array of insightful and often detailed assessments of current and emerging technology.
• Access to emerging technology players
Our research Partner Ntegra-Greenside, will be organising the next Study tour to the USA in May 2018. This intensive 5-day study tour will enable you to learn from existing market leading technology players AND numerous emerging technology businesses that are likely to make a big impact on how we will use technology in the future
• Game-changing Technology Review
Using a combination of our excellent change and transition leadership skills, the technology information we glean from Bloor Research and from researching the emerging technologies for the IT Directors Study Tour, KJB is uniquely placed to hold a Game changing Technology review
• In addition, with the assistance of our partner specialist organisations, we are also able to undertake benchmarking assessments to compare how your service and delivery models measure up in terms of cost or effectiveness against similar organisations in the UK or overseas. We can assess the effectiveness of your service providers against best practice and the degree to which they have the ability to contribute to the future of the business.
We can assess how well your current technology investment delivers value for money whilst assisting you in ensuring future technologies achieve the best possible return on investment.
Areas covered include, but are not limited to:
• Understanding and applying new and emerging technologies
• Creating and maintaining an effective enterprise technology architecture
• Achieving innovation and a competitive advantage in the market
• Improving compliance and reliability in the company’s reporting
• Managing down the cost of producing information and managing business process
We can also provide regular updates covering technology management issues and emerging trends to assist in the formulation of your business plans.
Our Technical Advisory Services are by design and can be sourced on an ad hoc basis and for any duration; covering a wide range of issues including but not limited to those mentioned above. We will be very pleased to discuss your specific requirements.