It’s no wonder stakeholders are concerned regarding the impact of a Cyber-attack as it is widely accepted that organisations world-wide, accept that it’s no longer an ‘If’ they get hit, but ‘when’.
Infrastructure that has been laid down over the last 30 plus years without concerns for cyber and the IT management practices required to manage the issues arising, require a complete rethink if an organisation is going to stand a change of withstanding the fallout from a major breach or the inevitable reputational hit from being compromised by a cyber event.
With 20 years’ experience of managing technology security risk, KJB is uniquely qualified to help stakeholders formally assess their cyber risk and help create a mitigation and countermeasure strategy, using best practice techniques.
Our approach considers: –
• Your risk profile, appetite for risk and governance processes.
• Your In-house capability, recognise and manage cyber incidents
• The capability of your supply chain to protect the services they provide to you and your reputation.
• The configuration of your technology and the degree to which it could withstand and recover from an attack
• The knowledge your organisation has regarding cyber risk and the behavioural changes required to manage the inevitable risks such as social engineering.
• The options you have to protect your organisation by association with risk and threat advisory services.
The technology world is in an arms race against those with multiple agendas to disrupt business, market places and personal and corporate reputations. Few organisations have the experience within to deal with these issues…………How confident are you that you do?